It’s so easy not to blog. But I had such high hopes when I started this blog about a year ago, so I don’t want to just let it go. Blogging is a great way to increase mindfulness, as I’m compelled to really think about what I’m doing in the hopes of contributing to the blog.

A lot has transpired in the last year: My wife died, I took off two months to travel with my kids, to “reset” our relationship, and I left my job to become a full-time dad. Amazingly, through it all, I’ve stuck to my early riser routine.

I’m really writing this post to induce my self to blog again. More stuff soon…

One comment on “re-blogging

  1. Yes! continue to blog. Your footsteps through life leave marks in the sand for others to follow. And this is a spot to say out ideas — to try out things — to experiment with thoughts that help point the way. And a blog is such a wonderful journal to look back on in years to com. And when your children read this in years to come – they will know their father a bit deeper.

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