The Key to Happiness

Jack LaLanne hits the nail on the head with his tips for being happy. Eat right and burst out into song every once in a while. Seriously, this would definitely make you happier. What are you waiting for?

Does anyone else think Jack Lalanne looks and acts like Dan Millman?

One thought on “The Key to Happiness

  1. Yes, I absolutely think Dan is like the reincarnation of Jack Lalane!

    you may be interested in some posts I have done myself on those 2 personalities:

    – Wise advise from Jack LaLanne: Stop being so tired (link)
    – Jack Lalane surprises again: The power of lateral thinking(link)
    – How to reach your goals(link)
    – Wise advice from Dan Millman: “Just fit in until you find out where you stand out”(link)


    -The Crazy Colombian

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