Children’s books on Death

A few years ago, my wife and I came across two books that talked about death and dying in just the way we’d like it to be presented to our kids. We read them to them back then, but realized that we should probably keep these books on hand. The kids have aging grandparents, and we thought they’d be comforting as everyone encounters death one day. So we bought both of them and tucked them away for that eventuality.

Yesterday we pulled them off the shelf, as we learned that my wife’s cancer has become terminal.

And the books were, indeed, comforting, and gave the kids a way of thinking about death and dying.

So, for those out there with kids, I highly recommend these two books:

“Badger’s Parting Gifts” (Susan Varley)

“Grandad’s Prayers of the Earth” (Douglas Wood)

Looking back, I wish we hadn’t kept them tucked away, but had read them every once in a while. Death is really just a part of life, and doesn’t need to be shunned.

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  1. A friend – after hearing the news about your dear wife – showed me a book (that was given to her by her daughter) – it is truly a lovely piece of art and a lovely aura. It is called “THE NEXT PLACE” by Warren Hanson. It is on its way to you.

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